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A legendary fruit from the breadbasket of civilization, the cherry has long been a companion of brewers. Kriek Mythology honors the sour cherry beers of the Flanders region of Belgium. We use whole cherries and puree, and age in barrels for up to a year.



Tasting Notes

Brightly acidic with prominent cherry and fermentation character.


Cherry Pit, Vanilla, Leather, Wood


Medium sourness, bright cherry flesh flavors with some spicy, woody, pit-like notes. Soft vanilla character. Finishes funky and dry with gentle lingering acidity


Batch 1 – Primary fermentation with lager yeast, secondary with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. 10 months in bourbon barrels. Fermented on 2.5lbs cherries per gallon.

Kriek Mythology, Springdale, Sour Beer

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