Springdale Beer experiments with innovation, drinkability, and balance while exploring the boundaries of fermentation and flavor. Launched by industry veterans in 2016 as an offshoot of Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers, Springdale is a taproom and blendery in Framingham, MA, crafting characterful, creative ales and barrel-aged beer, which are available throughout the Northeast.

Ales, IPAs and barrel-aged beers make up the core of Springdale’s portfolio. Pearly, our country-style can-conditioned witbier is light, lively and expressive, while our breakfast stout Brigadeiro is packed with luscious flavors of coffee and chocolate. We also can our IPAs and suggest drinking them fresh; they’re packed with huge, expressive hop flavors from American and Australian hops. Our barrel-aged series, on the other hand, can be cellared indefinitely. This includes unfruited wild ales and beers fermented on a wide variety of fruit, including apricots (Apriculture) cherries (Kriek Mythology) and raspberries (Poive Raz).


Our Team

Our team is made up of passionate and knowledgeable individuals who take pride in their craft. As the experimental arm of Jack’s Abby Brewing, the Springdale team spans across both production areas. Our bartenders work on our production line and in the lab. Our brewers make some of your favorite Jack’s lagers. Our managers work in both spaces as well. We love the process of making and serving beer and we can’t wait to share our hard work with you!

Beer Series

Reverence Series
Our Reverence Series pays tribute to classic ale styles that continue to inspire us, from altbier to hefeweizen. Step back in time, a pint at a time. Seasonal availability.
IPA Series
Liquid tributes to our favorite flower, the hop. From cloudy, soft and tropical to bright and bitter, our IPAs are a continuous exploration of the magical interplay between hops, yeast and malt. Enjoy them fresh! Limited, rotating availability.
Sour Series
Our barrel-aged, acid-forward beers are unique expressions of time and place. Through fermentation with mixed cultures, barrel blending and fruit contact, we craft balanced beers that defy categorization. Enjoy now, or cellar for years to come. Limited, rotating availability.