Dear Friends and Fans of Springdale Beer Company,

After a little more than 6 years of exploring the boundaries of flavor-forward fermentation, it’s time for Springdale to say farewell. We’re going out with a bang, joining the Screaming Females for their annual Garden Party at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, NJ. We’ll be toasting copiously with our Drop by Drop collaboration IPA we made with the band.

When we opened the Barrel Room in 2016, we were so gloriously naive about the waters ahead. We wanted to make impactful, interesting beer that we could invite people to geek out over. We did that over and over, in our Barrel Room and beyond. Friendships, love stories, inside and outside jokes grew out of this weird “little” corner of our brewery.

Of course, the world had other plans. Our beloved Barrel Room had to be given up to make space for a new packaging line. What was once our taproom is now an actual office, albeit one with a huge bar in the middle (no complaints on that front).

Though we tried to find another home for this project, our efforts fell short and we’ve made the tough decision to put Springdale on hiatus indefinitely. While we hope to someday find a place for all the ideas (and puns) that don’t fit at Jack’s Abby, for now we’re content to keep ourselves busy fussing over lager beer.

Until then… see you in the pit!

Springdale Team

Springdale Beer Company

We are the incredible result of what happens when brewers wonder “what if” and pursue that curiosity to its fullest.  We created Springdale to push the limits of fermentation and explore flavors with the hope of creating bold new beers to share with our friends.  That’s why we launched with the largest barrel program in Massachusetts. Over 1300 barrels currently sit in our taproom working their slow magic on beautiful beers.  But that wasn’t enough for us. Next we dove into IPAs, traditional European beers with new twists, and fruit-forward kettle sours. All of these were created to explore fermentation forward beers and find new ways to share them with you.

We arrived at this pursuit in a unique way as well.  The brewers of Jack’s Abby had been cultivating killer craft lagers for years before we launched, but found themselves wanting to push the limits of beer far beyond their core, traditional lagers.  That left them with only one choice – start a whole new brand. That curiosity and willingness to take risks is what launched Springdale. The quality and expertise in this brewery is what drives Springdale.


Springdale Barrel Room

Springdale Barrel Room is a unique taproom overlooking thousands of oak barrels that contain ales and lagers undergoing fermentation. You can enjoy any one of our 15+ beers on tap while playing games and spending time with friends. We look forward to hosting you!

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We’re exploring fermentation forward beers with our flavor curious friends!