In News

Earlier this year, we were contacted by the folks at Wicked Weed about participating in their Funkatorium Invitational this July. Wicked Weed has long been a brewery we’ve looked up to, especially in our little corner of the sour beer world.

With the news yesterday that Wicked Weed have been acquired by AB InBev, we’ve had to inform them that we won’t be able to participate in this festival. As others have eloquently noted in the past day, the business practices of AB InBev are frequently at odds with the interests of small, independent breweries. By attending this festival we’d be, in whatever small way, supporting and encouraging those very practices.

We are in the process of reaching out to the other breweries who’ve had to change their plans for the festival last minute. We’d love to host them here in Massachusetts that weekend, so we could share their awesome beer and support each other’s independence. Stay tuned…