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The brewery is currently in the process of installing a five barrel pilot system. This new, smaller  brewhouse will allow us to continue to innovate, trial new beers and produce small batch specialty beers. Our current brewhouse is 60 brewer’s barrels or 1,800 gallons and most of our tanks are four times that size. Trial and testing new beers can be a real challenge at this scale. The new pilot system is considerably smaller and allows us to feel comfortable pushing our creativity to the limit.

All of our small batch pilot beers – both Jack’s Abby and Springdale – will now fall under the umbrella of the “Co-Pilot” series. These beers will only be available in the brewery and will be identified with a codename. Currently we are working on a beer code-named “Snow Eagle.” Over the next few months we expect more Co-Pilot beers to become available.

Our Springdale brand continues to push the bounds of innovation. It’s always challenging using new ingredients, new brewing processes and new beers styles. This can be anything from trying a new yeast strain on an existing recipe or trialing a new malt variety from one of our local maltsters, to creating an entire new recipe from scratch. We’re looking forward to your thoughts and impressions as we continue to bring new flavors and ideas to our beers. While most Co-Pilot beers won’t turn into full-fledged brands sold into distribution, we now have the opportunity to push the boundaries, which is very exciting for us.