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Ladies and gentlemen, report to the dance floor.

In a lot of ways, great beer is like great music. Complex layers of sound and flavor seem to fall together effortlessly when done right. There’s a high hat here, a hop blend there, and a sample you never would have thought of before but “Holy $#!T, that’s awesome!” With every listen and every sip, you discover something you never noticed before. And whether it’s a good song or a good beer, you can’t wait to share it with friends.

The Boogie is inspired by Outasight’s high energy track featured on our Springdale 2020 Playlist. We wanted to turn that energy into art. Influenced by Boogie Nights and sound waves, we spilled 70’s influence over every bit of this label. Hyper saturated colors tease the bright flavors inside as Bravo, Mosaic, and Citra hops groove together in this hazy, golden India Pale Ale.

We got the beer. We got the tunes. You got the moves. 

Let’s Boogie.