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Wild and Free is the final release in our Hazy IPA series and was inspired by Janelle Monae’s “Crazy, Classic, Life”. When this beer name was presented to me, I had this vision of painting a scene of wild flowers in some impressionist style with a very soft look.  But once I listened to the song, I got an overwhelming glitzy, teen pop vibe and with her album cover having the stunning pink/ yellow/ dark periwinkle contrast I thought…… DIAMONDS. Although geometric shapes aren’t necessarily what I think of when I think “free”, when light shines through a diamond it goes wherever the heck it wants to! One could say the light fragments are…wild….and free…. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series… and fret not! The Jam continues into 2021. Keep an eye out in February for our first release of a whole new year of beats and beer!  Thanks for listening.  Thanks for sipping.