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We all know that 2020 was a year for the books. The world locked down and life as we knew it was changed forever. In a time of such strife and uncertainty, things can feel hopeless as we are forced to detach from our friends and family and operate life in a world we’ve never encountered. Little did we know going into last year, that the people of the world, although separated, would lean on each other for support more than ever before. Be the Beacon is our first beer in our 2021 Springdale Hazy IPA series, and carries the perfect message to start the new year off with. Inspired by a fan submission, “Be More Kind” by Frank Turner is a soft tune that talks about being a lighthouse in a world of dark. “Like a beacon reaching out to you and yours from me and mine, be more kind my friends, try to be more kind.” 

Listen to “Be More Kind” and more on our playlist here: Springdale 2021 Playlist

Such a beautiful, delicate song deserves a beautiful and strong label to truly do the song and its message justice. When I first started designing this label, I drew inspiration from various elements like the album cover, song style/ sound, lyrics,  and most obviously, lighthouses. 

The album cover was exactly what I imagined it would look like. Like a doodle in a notebook, the art was slender and delicate as if someone in one swift motion drew this light sketch that carried a strong message. 

I loved the idea of a sketchbook with light flowy lines, so I used that as inspiration but threw in my own twist and turned the background dark. For the main visuals I wanted to keep the look of the sketched art, but add in pops of color. For the light rays, I mainly used pinks, yellows, reds and oranges which feel hopeful and warm in comparison to the dark navy that lies underneath. My goal was to represent the message that in a world of dark, you can be that kindness and that warmth for someone. “Be More Kind” is a beautiful song with a great message about how a little kindness can go a long way. We hope you enjoy this beer and the track that inspired it. 


Be More Kind

Frank Turner

History’s been leaning on me lately;

I can feel the future breathing down my neck

And all the things I thought were true

When I was young, and you were too

Turned out to be broken

And I don’t know what comes next

In a world that has decided

That it’s going to lose its mind

Be more kind, my friends

Try to be more kind

They’ve started raising walls around the world now

Like hackles raised upon a cornered cat

On the borders, in our heads

Between things that can and can’t be said

We’ve stopped talking to each other

And there’s something wrong with that

So before you go out searching

Don’t decide what you will find

Be more kind, my friends

Try to be more kind

You should know you’re not alone

And that trouble comes, and trouble goes

How this ends, no one knows

So hold on tight when the wind blows

The wind blew both of us to sand and sea

And where the dry land stands is hard to say

As the current drags us by the shore

We can no longer say for sure

Who’s drowning

Or if they can be saved

But when you’re out there floundering

Like a lighthouse I will shine

Be more kind, my friends

Try to be more kind

Like a beacon reaching out

To you and yours from me and mine

Be more kind, my friends

Try to be more kind

In a world that has decided

That it’s going to lose its mind

Be more kind, my friends

Try to be more kind