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Listen to “Thinking of a Place” and more songs on our 2021 playlist here. 


Ground control to Major Tom, Moving With The Moon has landed. Inspired by The War on Drugs’- “Thinking of a Place”, this eleven minute song will send you through waves of emotion as you sip on this fourth release in our 2021 Hazy IPA series. 

This is your captain Katie speaking, coming at you live from planet Boston. There was a lot of inspiration for this label pulled from the song sound, the moon, as well as the concept movement, so sit back, buckle up, and get ready for a deep dive into my brain.


Obviously, the moon is a super strong visual when talking about…the moon. But there is also space and stars (and I LOVE space!!). There is a lot of contrast when thinking about how bright the moon is compared to the stark blackness of space behind it. 


So I started playing with the idea of “movement” and thought that the phases of the moon was a really cool way to represent that idea of motion.


The sound of this 11 minute song is twangy, electric, laid back, and one of those songs that has a long groove with crescendos and decrescendos. I also don’t know how to describe the beginning of the song but I got this overwhelming nostalgic vision of like….rainbow lasers and crystals/sparkles. Almost like one of those fiber lights that you probably had as a kid. 


The album art for this song was a bunch of Polaroids lined next to one another. Cute! This also ties into the rainbow waves moving across the label. 


With the idea of the moon and movement, but also this super whimsical “tumblr”-esque vibe I get from the song, I created the label. The matte black background with the little multicolored stars shining through as little metallic specs add that sense of movement when the can is turned. The moon phases are prominently layered on top, and then (my favorite part) the sound waves, which reoccur in the song a few times, come gliding across the screen, interwoven with the moon. 

Live long and prosper my friends….oh ya. And drink good beer.