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As 2022 comes to a close, we finish the year with one last spectacular new release in our musically inspired Hazy IPA series. Drop by Drop is a collab with New Jersey’s rock band The Screaming Females. This beer was created as a true collaboration between artists: musicians, illustrators, and brewers alike. Band member, Marissa Paternoster even created the label art.

Check out what some of the band members had to say about the collab below:

“Like a lot of people, my first experiences with beer as a teenager were whatever I could get my friend’s older brother to buy for us. It was a lot of MGD. When I started hanging in New Brunswick, NJ and going to punk shows, it was right around the time of the initial craft beer push in the early 2000’s. That’s when I first tried nicer beers and fell in love with the west coast pale ales and IPAs. When we had the opportunity to do a beer with Springdale the first thought was to do something in the tradition of those styles.” – Jarrett D.

“Since I do all the art for Screaming Females we thought it would be great to have me design the beer label art. It’s not something I had done before but with the help of the Springdale design team I think it came out great!” – Marissa P.

“Screaming Females’ Annual Garden Party is a musical extravaganza and all are welcome! Though our band comes from from a punk rock background we are fans of a diverse range of independent music. The upcoming Garden Party includes Hip Hop, Hardcore, singer-songwriters, Country, Ska, and more! We are excited to have Springdale onboard as a sponsor.” -Mike A.

Be sure to mix in one last play of our 2022 Hazy IPA Spotify playlist with your Spotify Wrapped and holiday playlists to close out the year with some great music.