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Photo of a hiker's backpack with a Springdale IPA pin on it.

We sat down with Springdale Director Joe Connolly to discuss our newest year-round IPA, aptly called Springdale IPA.

It seems natural for someone like me to treat marketing campaigns with suspicion. My relationship with craft beer parallels my youthful obsession with punk and hardcore, a hobby that instilled a wayward resistance to the status quo. That status quo also dominates the beer industry with endless cycles proclaiming, “X beer to be the lightest, crispest, most cold and most associated with your favorite sports team.”

Despite my suspicions, I’m here to introduce you to the newest member of our beer family, Springdale IPA, with its “In Pursuit of Adventure” tagline. Let me explain.

A common thread in the modern food and beverage world is the “athleisure” fitness lifestyle product. You know it – this bauble has less carbs, fat, etc. and so it is the perfect consumable for you, the active fitness enthusiast. Because after all your hard work, you should still be furiously recording your various inputs and watching what you drink.

We’re here to say, “Nah.” If you’re going to go get dirty, scared, sore and stoked, you’ve earned yourself a proper beer along the way. IPA is that beer, because real adventure requires a real reward.

Being In Pursuit of Adventure means pushing back against the idea that we should deny ourselves pleasure. IPA is a full-strength beer loaded with hop character, inspired by the west coast IPAs we first fell in love with and the hazy New England beers we’ve come to love. It’s a little slice of something you deserve, no matter what it took to get there.

So, you won’t find us in yoga poses balancing cans on our head, or ice climbing until our mountains turn blue. You will find us in the mountains, oceans, rivers and roads, getting out there until 16oz curls are all we have the energy left to do. I hope you’ll join us In Pursuit of Adventure!

Photo of Springdale IPA can in the mountains.

Photos by Samer Khudairi.