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Springdale Director of Marketing Rob Day discusses the musical inspiration behind our new Hazy IPA series and its first entry, Rhythm Recipe.

Beer is about more than what’s in the can. We believe in creating shared experiences around the beer. Our team comes together from their individual lives and perspectives to create something that will hopefully be enjoyed and shared among our friends. For our new Hazy IPA series, we wanted to bring that concept to life through music.

Music is one of the most human and unifying experiences we have. No matter the genre, music can bring people together and help create those shared experiences we value here. When we decided to launch a series of beers inspired by music, we could have fought for months about what songs we could highlight, but instead we created a list that brings together all of our unique tastes into a weird and wonderful playlist now streaming on Spotify.

That playlist inspired all 10 beer names and can art creations in our Hazy IPA series, including the first beer – Rhythm Recipe. While listening to Can I Kick It? By A Tribe Called Quest the line “A rhythm recipe that you’ll savor” jumped out of the speakers and onto this can.

The phrase “Rhythm Recipe” is the perfect summary of what we are trying to create here with beer and music. In this series the music is part of the beer, and that made this name the obvious choice to kick off the project. A sound mix of Motueka, Citra, and Waimea hops bring that idea to life in one loud and tasty beer.

When it came to creating can art for this beer, it came quite naturally. We worked with design firm Anthem Branding to bring this idea to life. First, we established a design template that turned our core design on its side – literally. This gave us a large creative canvas to visualize what inspired us more freely.

In this case, we worked to design a very rhythmic flow accentuated by a lateral gradient background to make the idea of rhythm tangible. You can almost feel the rhythm when looking at this design. We chose colors that have natural energy to them and reinforce some of the wonderful weirdness of this project.

We hope that when you hold this can in your hand you can share a bit of what inspired us to create it. And when you enjoy this beer with your friends we hope you throw on the playlist and savor the recipe brewed with rhythm. This is just the first of 10 beers launching each month from now until the end of the year. Stay tuned and enjoy sipping the sounds of Springdale.

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