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Springdale Graphic Designer Katie Hughes discusses the musical inspiration behind Dang!, the fourth beer to debut in our 2020 Hazy IPA series.

Dang! is the next entry in our fresh and ephemeral IPA series. This juicy beer draws inspiration from the song of the same by Mac Miller and Anderson .Paak. It’s also one of the awesome tracks featured on our Springdale 2020 playlist. If you have never listened to this song, I highly recommend you put your dancing shoes on first, because it is a mix of groove, funk, pop, and pure joy that you won’t be able to avoid dancing to. Lace up and check it out here.

When I first started this project, I was so excited to pull inspiration from the song, as well as Mac Miller and Anderson .Paak’s personal artistic styles. The song consists of a super groovy beat comprised of horns, electric piano, snappy percussion, Paak’s silky voice, and Mac’s sing/rap style. I immediately envisioned all of these noises coming together beautifully in a psychedelic web of sound.

This vibe is also evident while watching the music video for Dang!, which features a recurring pattern of multi-colored flowers, melting down and around each other to form a real trippy, wavy pattern that gets more interesting the more you look at it.

Rather than copying these colors and shapes, I let the music do the talking and created a black background with blue, green, pink and orange lines which represented the layers of sound and harmonies in the song. Of course, this song is not as straight forward! The sounds all flow around each other in a wavy groove, so I warped the lines to represent the fluid disco-funk marriage.

I had a blast creating this label, and I hope that you have as much of a blast sitting back, throwing on Dang! and enjoying the newest beer in our Hazy IPA Series.