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Crack one for Kailee and get your night started on the right foot with ‘This Is Why I’m Hot’ found here on our Springdale 2022 Playlist.


Buckle up people, and get ready to talk about one of the most chaotic labels we’ve released to date. This June release in our Hazy IPA series was inspired by Kailee Morgue’s song, ‘This Is Why I’m Hot’. I’m Katie, the designer behind the chaos on this label, and here’s a deep dive into the process behind creating A Little Disorder.

I should start off by saying I listened to this song OVER 100 TIMES. I’m literally not kidding, it was on repeat for 3 days straight as I worked on this label (NOT A SINGLE OTHER SONG). I now know all of the lyrics, so it’s safe to say that this song runs through this label’s veins. 

For the breakdown:

THIS SONG IS F*CKING HOT. There’s drugs, alcohol, female power, lipstick, grunge, glitter, buzz cuts, nights out on the town, disorder, chaos, pop, and so much more. I thought it only fitting to do a collage of everything this song made me feel…which is perfect because it is very much disorderly. 

Starting from my favorite element, I originally put the artist Kailee Morgue smack in the center of the label with glitter melting out of her eyeballs and a glitter tongue. And of course she’s wearing a crown because she’s a Boss Bitch. Unfortunately, for ~legal purposes~ I was unable to use her face on the can, and since I’m a stubborn graphic designer, there was no way I was losing this element to the red tape. I recreated the iconic image in my bedroom, and even threw on a fake nose ring to really show the world how tough I am. Now the image stands as an ode to our queen, miss Morgue. 

To the right of her is a vortex representing a night out, with neon legs strutting their way around the orbit. Imagine a night out, bopping down the streets to the next unknown disco bar, ready to own the dancefloor. 

Along the top there is an array of disco balls and planets on strings, as if Kailee KNOWS she has the whole universe wrapped around her fingers.  And below those, there’s a woman smoking what you’d think would be a cigarette, but alas, she’s smoking flower. 

Finally, the name is written out as little slices of paper (I drew inspiration from the Burn Book from Mean Girls) and written below in lipstick is “Hazy IPA”. The sound of the song

I know this label is a LOT, but I love every part of her. She’s so chaotic but in a “THIS IS WHY IM FUCKING HOT” kinda way.