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A brand new soul and a new set of clothes, I need montage music.

A song inspired by Lincoln Town Cars and Tony Soprano, the seventh track on Vundabar’s latest album Either Light, “Montage Music” became the inspiration for the sixth installment of our Hazy IPA series. “Montage Music” is an instantly infectious song cautioning the perversion of ingenuity by capitalism, and the long term effects human progress has, beyond our illusions of control. This duality between the music and the lyrics seems fitting with the album’s theme as a whole: Either Light, a “record [that] presents two lights, two circles, and a choice between either.”

Vundabar’s Brandon Hagen wrote a great essay delving further into these themes and inspirations, which you can read here on Talkhouse. It’s a thought-provoking track, anchored by the plea for something to make sense of these extremes, “I need montage music.”

We hope you enjoy this track, as well as this beer. Cue the music.