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Click here to listen to “Bloody Hands” and more songs on our 2021 Playlist.


Who am I to judge when I was the first to be a sucker for lust?

A snaky rhythm pulsing through the evening hours. Lingering doubt… did we have it coming? Was it all a mirage? Or did the Macrotones really invade the brewery?! The Afrofunk ambassadors raided our supply of South African hops to complete this lusty and delightful IPA. 

Sucker for Lust takes inspiration from “Snakehunter”, featured both on The Macrotones Bloody Hands EP as well as our Springdale 2021 Playlist. Collaborating closely with the band to bring this story to life, we borrowed from the delightfully campy, sometimes absurd styles of pulp covers. Our dashing, Pink-Elephant-Headed Hero appears to have met his match in the fiery femme fatale. Every corner of this label adds to the mythos of the Snakehunter storyline, filled with Easter eggs for you to catch while you listen.

Formed in Boston in 2007, The Macrotones are a 10-piece unit steeped in off-beat funk and soul rhythms from all over the globe. Blazing horns meet mighty hooks for a progressive mix fit to fill any dancefloor or beer garden. 

Like a well-loved book on a shelf, we hope this beer is something thoroughly enjoyed start to finish.