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Who doesn’t love lobster? Our friends at Lobster Anywhere tried some of our beers and wrote about their favorite pairings!

Best beers to pair with lobster

Lobster is considered to be a delicacy in most parts of the world. It is pretty expensive, but it pays off every time you get one. Therefore we have to be wise choosing a drink to pair with lobster because a poorly chosen drink can ruin even the most scrumptious dish. The point of having a lobster is to treat and spoil yourself, and it is worth it to spend a little more time picking a good beer to complement the taste of your lobster. So lets find out which beer is the most fitting addition to your lobster.


Springdale Pearly White Ale

If you plan to have an excellent juicy lobster, you should look into the Springdale Beer Co. The Pearly White Ale is a perfect pair for lobster – incredibly refreshing and drinkable. It makes a dish as luxurious as lobster even better with its hints of orange and coriander, which are always a good match for seafood when you think of it. Who would say no” to squeezing a lemon over lobster? Well, if you want to not only have a citrus taste on your lobster but to have it in your beer as well – grab this beer and youre all set for a perfect meal with a perfect drink to go with it!


Springdale IPA

 If youre looking for something with a little bit more punch, then here’s another gem from Springdale, their flagship IPA, which is the drink you cant miss. The perfectly balanced dank bitterness and tropical hop of this truly bi-coastal IPA will make you crave for even more lobster to have with it, and the only thing you might regret is not getting more of both.


Citrus Got Real Tart Ale

Looking for a beer that will not only help you enjoy the lobster but will also introduce you to a whole new world of fun drinks? Then Citrus Got Real Tart Ale is the thing you need! As we have noted before, citrus is always an excellent addition to any seafood. But to have the taste of orange and grapefruit zest in your beer while you have lobster – it just sounds fantastic. Its nearly impossible to describe how good this combination is – it is simply one of the best beers with lobster!


Lavenade Tart Ale

Another astonishingly enjoyable drink that will make your lobster experience so much better is Lavenade Tart Ale. In addition to the sour taste of lemon juice and lemon zest, it is fermented with lavender, and youre unlikely to find this taste in anything else. But the softness of lavender will add its subtle flavour with hints of mint and rosemary to the already great taste of lobster and mixes so incredibly well with sour lemon that you will be happy this drink has found its way to you.


When picking a beer for a dish as delicious and classy as lobster, you must choose carefully. Remember what kind of sauce you like for your lobster. Is it the classic lemon squeezed all over it? Then you will enjoy the citrus flavoured beers mentioned above. Especially the Pearly White Ale  – you cant go wrong with it! Open for some new and fun experience? Then one of the tart ales is the beer youre looking for.


Whatever drink you choose to have with your lobster, be sure to let the naturally sweet flavour of lobster shine and always serve the beer of choice ice cold.