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Maybe we can find a place to feel good and we can treat people with kindness.

It’s Harry Styles’ world and we’re all just living in it. From the inescapable ‘Watermelon Sugar’ to the earnest ‘Adore You’, Styles’ sophomore album Fine Line is a masterpiece. Stevie Nicks spent her quarantine spinning this record, going so far as to compare it to Fleetwood Mac’s own Rumors… High praise from the White Witch, and who are we to contradict her?

For the 11th month’s entry in our series inspired by the 2021 Springdale Hazy IPA Playlist, we aptly locked in on the 11th track of Fine Line, Treat People with Kindness. The name alone hits home for us, but it’s the infectious joy of this tune that really hooked us in.

This transportive track feels like walking into the middle of the best day of your life. If there’s such a thing as capturing lightning in a bottle, this song captures positivity in a record. Whether it’s a toe tap or shimmy, we dare you to resist the groove of this one.

Our label captures the euphoria and beauty of losing yourself to pure joy, when you can’t help but dance. Everyone looks their best when they’re having fun and being kind.

We leave you with 3 pieces of advice from what we learned:

  1. Treat people with kindness.
  2. Keep on dancing.
  3. Enjoy this beer.*

*We could not reach Harry Styles or his team for endorsement of this beer. But we’d like to think if he happened to try it, he’d certainly enjoy it himself. And he’d want you to enjoy yourself. So…