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Clink here to listen to “Heartbreaker,” the song that inspired this beer and more music we love on our 2022 Playlist. 

Rainbows and Butterflies was inspired by Mstrkrft’s HEARTBREAKER, an absolute jam that you can find on our 2022 Playlist. As always, I’m Katie, and in this blog post, I’ll be walking you through the inspiration behind our latest release in the 2022 Hazy IPA Series. 

Song Sound

At first I thought…Ok rainbows and butterflies…something super whimsical right? Then I heard the song. Immediate 180. This song is an absolute fist bumper. It has a super rigid, modern disco, up beat sound that is honestly the opposite of what I imagine rainbows and butterflies to sound like. Instead my head thought crystals, futuristic, shattered glass, some kind of geometric art. 

Then I looked at their Album Art

Lucky for me, this album art is already pretty similar to what I was thinking the song sounded like. The white lines look like they were ripped up from under paint, and the shapes are all super geometric. I pulled inspiration from these lines for the background of the label. Unlike the rigidness of the rest of the label, I made the rings a circle which reminded me of a beat or a raindrop. I used a brush to get that slightly distressed look like the album. 

Then there is the Beer Name

I wanted to represent both butterflies and a rainbow, but in a way that wasn’t basic…because basic is boring!! 

For the butterflies, I made a super rigid representation of a monarch. You will notice there is not a single curve! This is because the music is super rigid and crystal-esque-ey. I then filled these “crystals” with a holographic vector that took me SO long to create, but i’m SO happy with how it turned out. I thought an iridescent holograph was a really cool way to combine the visuals of broken glass, but also pull in the “rainbow” aspect of the name. I love how this label turned out. It is simple, yet elegant. Whimsical, yet structured. Colorful, yet demure. 

Sitting at 9%, Rainbows and Butterflies packs a punch just like the song it was inspired by. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this Double IPA in style while listening to our 2022 Springdale Playlist.